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Professional Growing Sheets Greenhouse Kits and Products.

Helping you grow safe all natural organic foods

 Indoors or Out 

All Year Long.



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About Us

The SeedMates Team!

With over 20 years of experience in urban farming, agriculture, irrigation and design. we supply products to the market that  help anyone succeed growing all natural organic foods  with ease and help seed supplier, farmers and greenhouse growers save time, seed, space and labor costs.

Coming Soon-Door to Door Organics

Door to door organics ships what you need, when you need it,  right to your door .Never run out of fresh greens again

With our new pr-order program, pick the varieties you want and when you want them and we make sure your orders  are shipped on time for you to enjoy fresh all natural organic foods   , all year long.

The best way to eat safe organic food is to grow it yourself, but who has the time?

We created SeedMates LLC Sheets and Kits to help you grow safe all natural foods all year long, indoors and out . We have a product to help you do it faster, easier and No Mess!

We use the highest quality ("JohnnySeed" or "HarrisSeed") seed suppliers, and after many tests, choose the most popular, easiest to grow and care for varieties . Give SeedMates LLC a try, WE Want to Satisfy!

And help you enjoy the Healthiest Foods on earth safety at home.


Salad Growing Sheets

Premium Salad Sheet

Grow more in less space and less labor. with our easy to place water and grow greenhouse sheets.


Micro Green Growing Sheets

Sheets fully loaded with equally spaced seed..

 For indoor greenhouse growing.

Enjoy fresh tasty to spicy nutrients in any  dish in as little as (10) days


No Labor Growing Sheets

Pre-Spaced Seed in a No Labor Medium 

 No spacing, weeding, feeding or thinning plants. Reduces erosion and water usage. Organically  improves soil conditions.


Flower Growing Sheets

Pr Spaced flower sheets-Have Over (50) sq. ft. of full flower plants in one easy to grow sheet.


Perfect Patch Growing Disks

Grow pumpkins cucumbers, squash and zucchini in a easy to  grow disk.

 Place in a hill of soil, water and grow.

 Perfect for all ages!


Tray and Dome Kits

KITS INCLUDE: Micro Green Starters Kits, Healthy Salad Kits, Wheatgrass Kits and more.(everything to succeed is included.)


Why SeedMates?

A healthier way.

"I love to juice and eat healthy and now instead of pr spacing thousands of tiny seed I take a SeedMates pr- spaced growing sheet and place on top a growing pad, or in soil, water  and grow . I save time, seed and money. I always grow a full crop and no missing  patches of seed.  Seed is always properly spaced reducing time, labor and seed waste. . 

 I add spicy to tasty kick to  mydrinks, salads and dishes for extra taste and added nutrition.

Saving my valuable time.

Highest Quality

"While satisfaction and quality is our top priority, SeedMates products do the work and grow real vegetables, quality flowers and herbs.

After years of trials and studies, weselect only selected the most popular, highest quality, easy to grow and care for varieties.

Do It, The Easy Way.

Fast, Easy with No mess 

Thete has never been an easier smarter faster way to grow!

Contact Us

  "The Future in Growing Food" 

SeedMates LLC is helping the busiest of people to grow safe organic , all natural food products, indoors or out and all year long.

SeedMates LLC

8470 Wise Rd, Commerce Township, Michigan 48382, United States

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For custom or commercial orders please leave a message at kseacord@seedmates.com and someone will contact you  within (48) hours